Sale! 2021 New RC Drone 4k HD Wide Angle Camera WIFI FPV Drone Dual Camera Quadcopter

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I'm just getting into drones, this thing seems somewhat hard to control, it's extremely light and very susceptible to wind. With all that said the thing cost 40 bucks and it has 4k camera action, I'm getting better at controlling it everyday, it's a wonderful introductory product to the field of droning for sure I would have to personally say without knowing anything else. I'm not an expert reviewer, and this is the first drone I've ever personally owned. And also the first drone I've ever personally controlled. It's tougher than it might look, but it's not undoable, it might take some practice. With that said, I have had hours of fun with this little POS, and plan on putting in more time on this one before I invest in something more expensive.
It flew ok but it didn't seem to want to hover, but wanted to fly backwards. It's very light made and tiny. A little wind caught it and it got stuck in a tree not 10 minutes after first use. one of the propellers caught on a LEAF and it's been hanging in the tree for the last 2 weeks I guess on a LEAF.. That's how small and tiny it is. It has rained, wind blows and it's won't come down. Still hung high in a tree on a with a leaf stuck in the propeller after all this time. How light and tiny do you think it has to be to be hung on a LEAF for this long? I guess it'll come down when Fall comes and the leaves fall off the trees. I had no idea that it was this tiny and light. It can't weigh much more than a couple of ounces for it to still be hung in a tree like this
The owners manual text size requires a microscope to read. I bought this because I needed one picture taken and it was cheaper than hiring someone. It did take the picture at a reasonable quality. It absolutely does not tolerate the wind. It blew away never to be seen again. It would probably be a fun toy on a calm day. The range is rather short too.

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