Sale! AquaPlumb RKG Gas Range Knob Replacement Set, 5pk, Black

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Unfortunately these knobs don’t work at all for my stove. There is an additional cupping/lip on the bottom (5th photo shows the lip) so they sit up to high away from the stove not even close to the the inside. The good side is they came quickly & they would probably work on a different stove. There are “adapters” includes to help you get snug fit too. Over all great just doesn’t work for my stove.
The instructions were OK. One of the knobs had a lot of plastic flashing that had to be cut out of the inside of one of the plastic inserts to get it to fit. The instructions on how to use the circular on-off metal rings was poor. I managed to get all 5 knobs installed.
The description claimed the knobs would work with hotpoint gas ranges. It came with 2 sets of stem extenders, but none of them were long enough for my range ( by athleast 3/4 inch) So. as I had to open the oackage to find out they did not fit, I wasted my money, and now have 5 usless knobs.

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