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Pros: Incredibly fast. Great looking screen. Great battery life. USB-C and AC Adapter charging. Great sound with 3.5mm port that clearly has the Impedance to handle higher end headphones. In the middle: Screen resolution at 1080p is fine, though you understand the appeal for 1440p pretty quick in situational experiences. The lack of a webcam hampers some "work" utility with the laptop. At 1TB, you've got plenty of room until you don't. With certain games easily eating up to a 1/5th of that space being fairly common, it is worth using in-home streaming options from a desktop or getting a laptop with a larger nvme. Cons: Gotta get pretty nitpicky for cons on this device in my experience so far. The fingerprint reader isn't exactly great. That might be a hardware issue or it might be a software issue. I've got phones that are 5+ years old that had quicker and more responsive fingerprint readers for logins, though. The speakers don't sound all that great despite the bits of marketing hype the packaging gives, but there's wired/wireless headphone options here as an alternative.
This laptop is a beast..!! I was hoping the battery life could’ve been longer (~4 hours) but still decent for when I travel.
Very Good.. Best Laptop Very fast for Gaming

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