Sale! Beretta Tomcat OEM Replacement .32ACP 7 Round Pistol Handgun Magazine – JM32

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To save a few dollars i was considering an off brand magazine until i read reviews from previous buyers, bought a magazine made for my pistol by Beretta and have no regrets. Inserts and releases from gun no problem, accepts shells easily, and feeds smoothly.
This magazine performs excellently since it is factory, not aftermarket. I had purchased the Pierce Grip base plate extension for my little finger prior to trying the Tomcat at the range. The factory baseplate proved to be VERY functional for control and held my lower finger tight preventing it from slipping off the end of the grip. My little finger cradled underneath the baseplate and caused the most surprising, solid, and tight handgrip that now I will not need the aftermarket extended baseplate for any reason at all. Excellent design and functionality!
The spring in the factory mags like this is less powerful, and shorter then promags and the other copies. So It is easier to remove and reinstall the spring and follower. Even more important, this gun, the beretta tomcat is very mag sensitive. Since i owned the gun and put 200 rounds through it, it had failure-to-feeds at least five times. A gun this sensitive to magazines as this one is, does calls for factory mags. Since this is a marginal gun in every way. A fun gun that's pleasant to shoot (when it shoots) but never would I trust this gun with my life. The caliber is weak, the gun jams and already the firing pin has broken in less then 200 rounds and I feel like I'm just waiting on the frame crack to happen. This gun is so dodgy it's an example of "better then none". The only reason I got the Tomcat was because I wanted another Beretta to go along with my 92FS and the Cheetah (Beretta 84, .380) fell off the Caliornia approved list. if you're reading this though, chances are you already have one too, so the only advice I'd offer (other then the obvious) is believe the warning in the manual, don't dry fire, and to possibly avoid the frame cracking issue, stick with the weaker ammo ( 130 ft lbs). The only kind like that I can find around here is Aguila 71 grain so I got several hundred rounds of that (probably a life-time supply).

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