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I've been hedging on getting this sunglasse(s) / concert-hall-on-your-head for fear it was just another gimmick. In a nutshell, it has scored as one of my better purchases. The build quality is excellent; they feel like, well, Bose quality. The audio quality, WOW!!! From Pink Floyd to big band, you must try on a pair to appreciate the sound engineering that has gone into these. Now the tricky part; not loosing these sunglasses like the 100 or so I've lost over time. I even had prescription lenses made for this set and that something that doesn't come cheap. Thanks to LensCrafters in Eden Prairie Mall (MN) for excellent service and fast turn around.
I've tried everything to get the volume varied by rotating my head and pressing the little button as the instructions suggest. I'm still puzzled. The batteries wear out too quickly and that is an annoyance. Of course the sound is decent yet it's not fantastic. It's a simple acoustical issue which can be improved through better amplification and equalization.
I've always wanted a pair of Bose Frames but couldn't justify the cost for a new pair. Buying certified refurbished from Bose was all I needed to take the plunge. As glasses alone, I get a lot of compliments. As for the speakers, the sound quality is great and works amazingly well for phone calls. My only complaint is that I wish they were a little louder when there is a lot of outside noise like traffic. I found wearing a hoodie or a hat solves that issue. I also wish the battery would last longer.

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