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My husband snores, and I dont hear him at all with these on. The app has good sounds which consists of white noise, ambient and nature sounds. It has plenty to choose from. The app itself can be difficult to figure out. It took me a while. The sounds have to be downloaded into the earbuds or it wont work. There is also a limit on how much can be downloaded or the app will tell you that you need to delete some sounds. Also, the earbuds have to be completely charged up or the app won't work. They last approximately 13 hours and take 6 hrs to charge. After complete charging, The buds also have to be completely removed from the case or the app will not work. Again, I do not hear my husband snore. I also can not hear if the security alarm system goes off. A burglar could enter the home and I would have no idea. Maybe this will be a Bluetooth improvement for the future? The buds are comfortable until about 5 am. I find my ears getting sore by then and I take them out. I still use them every night and believe they are worth the money.
We got the sleepbuds II today. I was so excited as this is a gift for my husband. We went to plug them in and the case doesn’t even charge. 🙁 We contacted Bose to find out that it is likely an issue with the case itself. How is something brand new in box broken already?? In the pics, the new one shows no lights lit up on the case. The second pic is my current set that works showing what the case should look like when charging. I guess this is what I get for trying to save a few dollars on the purchase.
They ended up being very comfortable. It took a bit to get used to sleeping with them in my ears, but I had little problems with them falling out. There is a good selection of sound and they cover up most of the noise that was disrupting my sleep even with good earplugs. I look forward though to future versions of the product that could do things like track your motion to report back on the quality of your sleep.

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