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This is an amazing little drone. With a weight of only 249 grams, it falls below the FAA requirements for registration. It has an extremely stable flight and with the 3 axis gimbal for the camera it provides an amazingly stable picture. Flight times for me average around 20-25 minutes ... but I always keep a certain amount of spare battery capacity during flights for safety reasons. With the built-in GPS and smart return to home features, this is a wonderful drone for those getting started, vacationers, or pros who could use a spare. The basic drone comes with a single battery and not much in the way of accessories. I definitely recommend the "fly more combo" because it contains 3 batteries, a carrying case, and a multi-battery charger. This little drone is an absolute must buy for those on a budget that are looking for a cinematic drone. The camera is not 4K, but is 2.7K HD which more than exceeds most folks needs.
The drone in itself is built very good. It does not have obstacle avoidance from the front. Only from the bottom. I don't believe it has a follow me feature like the Spark it replaces. I think if I would go back I would have gotten the Spark instead. The battery does last approx 30 mins which is good. The remote feels good quality also. Overall it's a nice drone.
The DJI Mavic Mini at THIS price is a great deal! I wouldn't pay full price for this particular drone, but for less than $300, this is a top quality drone that performs beautifully. I am quite satisfied with it. Of course, you could probably find a better looking drone at the $200 to $300 mark. But there are a few things to consider. The Mavic Mini shoots in 2.7 K with an excellent camera. Even if a drone says it shoots in 4K it may not be as good as this. If it is an unfamiliar brand, it is probably worse. And if it says 4K it might only shoot PHOTOS in 4K and actually shoot far smaller in video. The Mavic Mini is also only 249 g in weight, meaning it doesn't have to be registered if flown recreationally. Other drones in this price range weigh a lot more. They will need to be registered. The DJI Mavic Mini also has a true three axis gimbal for the camera which is itself vibration-isolated in the body by rubber shock absorbers. This makes the captured video crystal clear. Other drone's in this price range lack 3 axis gimbals or have poor isolation between the body and the camera resulting in wavy video known as jello. And the DJI controller paradigm is vastly superior to most cheaper drones because the cheaper drones use wifi signals which are limited in range to a few hundred yards and do not penetrate structures well. The Mavic Mini has excellent range and penetration making it less likely you will be in a situation where you cannot control the drone. It is a fact that it is HARD to crash a DJI drone. You have to make a series of mistakes in a precise and deliberate order to get past the safety features. The drone also makes breaking the law harder since it won't even take off in certain airspace or weather conditions. This might annoy some people. But it beats loosing a couple hundred dollars with a crash or a few thousand with an FAA fine! This drone falls squarely between the cheaper toy-grade and the much more expensive professional grade of drones. I would classify it as hobby grade, edging a bit into the professional grade in terms of camera quality. I attached a few photos taken by the drone and one of the drone itself in the included case.

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