Sale! DJI Mini 2 Drone Quadcopter Ready To Fly 3 battery Bundle -Certified Refurbished

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I purchased this drone because it is under 250 grams, and therefore not subject to FAA registration, and other regulations coming soon. I have an AS as a UAV Operator, my Part 107, and other related certs, so I have flown big drones. Having said that, this little bugger is easy amazing. It is easy to carry around. I actually purchased the fly more combo, but had a rogue wave swallow my first Mini 2. I liked it so much I purchased the RTF combo, as I already had the carry case and charger. It has exceptional flight characteristics, well above its pay grade for its size. It is stable and has many features the big boys have. Flight time and speed are impressive as well.
I had a Mavic Pro and this Mini 2 has enough features on it for me. Video is crisp and clear, never lost connection with drone, flys well in wind, small and very portable. Batteries last as long as the Mavic Pro! I love it.
I am a newbie to drones, even though I own other drones I have never actually flown them extensively because they are so hard to fly. After researching this particular mini 2 drone, I decided to take a chance and try to see if I can finally enjoy some thing that’s even the Novice can enjoy without worrying about it’s flying experience.  what I enjoy most about it is that after you takeoff it sits there waiting for you at a very level nice height to maneuver it however you want to without you trying to keep it from going all over the place. It may be that my other Drones aren’t as sophisticated and that’s why I find this one so great, I guess I learned that you get what you pay for and yes I spend more money this time, so don’t waste your time On trying to find a cheap drone expecting to get what I get what you can get with this one. I highly recommend it

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