Sale! Garmin Forerunner 35 Black GPS Sport Watch Wrist Based HR 010-01689-00

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The one downside to this watch is that you have to have the Garmin connect app open 24/7 on your phone if you want to get notifications. It’s really minor. I like the watch a lot, the GPS is great and the ability to see your last run, look at your records, and see the weather through the watch menu are things I appreciate. I got a screen protector to keep it nicer longer, but so far (a few weeks in) I love it! The battery lasts almost 1.5 weeks with 2-3 shorter runs.
I so wish the heart rate monitor was more accurate as I’d love this watch. I purchased it mostly to use as a heart rate monitor, which happens to be the only feature that doesn’t work as expected.
This is a great entry level GPS watch that's can handle a variety of activities, but really focused on running. The built-in heart rate monitor is an impressive and fairly accurate feature that can really be useful. You can even transfer your activities through bluetooth to the Garmin Connect mobile app on your smartphone and see plenty of data and analysis on them. Highly recommend this for beginners or people that don't want a crazy amount of features they'll never use.

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