Sale! Garmin Forerunner 35 White GPS Sport Watch Wrist Based HR 010-01689-03

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I really enjoy my watch! I was hesitant to buy a refurbished one but I haven't had any problems. When I was reading the reviews everyone said this watch is perfect for a jogger. (I got a bit offended.) I'm a Division 1 athlete and run over 70 miles a week and think this watch is perfect! I was going to buy a nicer (but more $$) watch because it had more features, but honestly I'm never going to use those features. Also, the screen doesn't have any color to it (like those fancy smart watches), but I think it looks cool and tell everyone I was going for the vintage/hipster look. It's very easy to use and fashionable so I don't look like a nerdy runner 24/7.
I like this watch a lot. It uses four buttons so I can use it with gloves or mittens easily (also touch screens are hard to use wet), the GPS and heart rate monitor work well, I like the way it displays information about steps, pace, sleep depth, miles, laps, etc... it is very customizable. I use it to track my yoga, running, walking, hiking, cycling, sleeping, and to remind me to get up from my desk during the day. It has a good battery life and interfaces with smartphones via bluetooth. CONS - It's bulky and hard to fit through sleeves. Contacts are uncovered and so can become blocked by lotion, sunblock, dough, oil, dirt, etc... (cleanable with alcohol swab). Mine stopped taking a charge after running out of power on a 10+ mile hike. I started with less than half a charge and hiked for about 8 hours. It was really easy to order a replacement through Garmin support. I can't wait for it to arrive!
I purchased this watch because I started running again. It is basic, but does the job of tracking miles and running/walking details via Garmin app. I realized after having this device that I prefer to run without my phone, but still wanted music. I have decided to upgrade to a Garmin device that will allow me to run without a phone, but still have downloaded music.

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