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I bought these for use while at the office. I needed earbuds with good noise cancelling and wanted true wireless so that I could put them in and take them off without having to remove my face mask. The noise cancelling is excellent; the best of any earbuds I've owned with the feature, which includes the Jabra Evolve 75e and the Sony WI-1000X. It doesn't entirely eliminate the chatter of people talking, but I can't hear it unless the conversation is nearby me. I've read complaints about the earbud tips. I find the 85t fits my ears better and more comfortably than my Evolve 75e. I would not, however, feel confident that they would stay in my ears if I were exercising. They are secure enough to form a good seal when I'm sitting, but I can feel them loosen somewhat even when walking around. The battery life isn't great. For me, with ANC on, they last about half the workday. I'd prefer if they could last the full day, but it's not a huge deal to recharge them during my lunch, especially since they have quick charge capability.
does not integrate well with windows. bought it thinking I can use it for work calls but it lacks a lot of the features and functionality required. The jabra app is only for mobile. On Windows, all you can is pair it via bluetooth. But then it's stuck on passthrough mode where you just hear yourself and all your surroundings every time you are using the microphone. They need to add jabra app support for Windows before this product can be useful.
These have amazing features and sound great. But.... They do not sit securely in my ears at all. I'm going to try third party gels to see if I can fix the matter, but it's very frustrating for earbuds this premium.

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