Sale! Microsoft® SPro Type Cover M1725 SC English Black US/Canada 1 License

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The Surface Pro is a terrific device, and the type cover is absolutely necessary to get full value from it. Its magnetic connection snaps it on and off the computer so effortlessly it's hard to believe it "knows" exactly where to do it. The cover takes up essentially no extra space when closed and well protects the computer, making it easy to carry or stuff in your laptop bag or purse. Most people will need the Type Cover to get full functionality from the Surface Pro.
This is not the right size for the surface pro. The first release it is approximately half inch to three quarters of an inch all the way around the table.
Fits my MS Surface Pro Model 1796 perfectly. Make the pro a lot easier to use. It connects thru the 6 pin connector to the bottom of the pro and feels natural and at home.

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