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Anyone on the fence about purchasing the Xbox Series S should get off and buy this system. I say this if you are an Xbox One S owner or similar older system. Also if you don't want or have the need for physical game disks or to watch movies on your system than buy the Series S. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase the optional 1 terabyte storage expansion unit at some point. All in all I think this System is well worth the money as opposed to the much larger and more expensive Series X. Get the game pass account and you'll be set. In my opinion.
It has no 4K, it has no disc drive, and the version I had wouldn't stay connected to controllers. If you have an xbox 1X, you should stay put until you can get the real deal with the Series X. The slightly enhanced graphics Aren't worth the asking price with all the other sacrifices made for the budget version of the Series. Also, with less ram than the xbox 1X it's just not a real step forward.
Perfectly fits my wants and needs. I dont have a 4k tv and I haven't purchased a game physically in years. Perfect for game pass and all streaming apps. Games look great and load super fast. The quick resume feature is a game changer. Overall for the price you absolutely can not beat the value of the series s. Its quickly becoming my favorite gaming device!

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