Sale! Nintendo Switch OLED Model White Joy-Con and Dock with Screen Cleaning Cloth

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The Switch Oled has the same graphic fidelity as all the Switches before it, and battery life, but if we talk about the key features. Better more beautiful display in handheld, kickstand is 100x better, and if you don't have that wifi adapter cable the Switch Oled stand already has an AC port on it. Other than that unless you got the 1st gen model with the smaller battery life like I did, this is a worthwhile upgrade.
I received my new Nintendo Switch OLED model with white Joy cons today and I am very happy with my purchase. The graphics are much nicer, the speakers work much better and the transfer of all my data from my old Switch to my new model was very easily completed. The upgrades on the new model are worth the purchase price. I would recommend the new OLED to anyone. Good job Nintendo!
Already owning a Switch Lite, I was reluctant to get the OLED. I’m not disappointed in the slightest- it’s an awesome device. It can’t be overstated how big of an improvement the screen is, it takes games you’ve already played and enjoyed and brings new life into them through how vibrant and sharp the display now is. It may not have been the “switch pro” we were all anticipating, but it’s a very nice upgrade in my personal experience with it. Very recommended.

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