Sale! Oculus Quest 2 256GB Advanced All-in-one VR Headset + $50 Oculus Store Credit

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This thing is expensive but great quality. I'm 60 so it takes a bit of getting used to but I love it especially all the meditation stuff. & the space stuff Earth scenery are amazing. I'm happy I got it and just hope it can last for years to come. 5 stars. Thank you. Matthew Couch Ewa Beach Oahu Hawsii.
Really very impressed with this set it does everything well and so far works really well. If your thinking of getting into VR and don't own a high power pc look no further. I do recommend the Elite head strap the stock one is not very comfortable. IF you do have a high power pc I also recommend because I also own a HTC Valve VR set and this is 1000% better in everyway. It works well with steam VR and other independent VR programs like EA's Rouge Squadron.
This thing is amazing, the expierence is fantastic. One improvement they could make is the head strap. I recommend a halo type.

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