Sale! Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G SM-G986U1 – 128GB – Cosmic Black (Unlocked)

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I purchased this device to replace my Galaxy S7 Edge. I did not want the S21 because it did not support an SD card. Besides standard phone apps I use my phone for my music library. Having the ability to put a SD card into the phone to increase the available memory without having to pay huge increments was a key reason. The setup of the phone and transfer from my previous phone went without issue. Connection to my network occurred as soon as I moved the SIM card. If this phone lasts as long as my S7 did I will be happy.
Not sure it happens only in my phone but I noticed that flash light gets turned on automatically. Also, when I make calls this phone shows blinking light few times for fraction of second next to the front camera.
Everything about this phone is excellent, EXCEPT that I do not get service with Verizon as I have with all my past Motorolla phones. I only get wifi with this phone . The size if perfect, the color, the camera, the quick scrolling . I LOVE IT! I did check before purchase and it says it was compatible with Verizon but doesnt work. But that is ok at least for me. I have wifi here at home and pretty much everywhere you go nowadays there is free wifi. The best part was now I dont have to pay a bill every month for Verizon service. I waited 8 months to write this review. So it would be more accurate than someone that just purchased and said they liked it or didnt.

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