Sale! Savage Arms Magazine Mark II/501/504/900 Series .22LR/.17 MACH2 10 Round – 20005

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Savage Mark II 10 round magazine has never failed me. This is an original oem magazine. Some of my others are over 24 years old and still going strong. Savage does it right with there Mark II magazine design. I have 6 of these, and they have never gave me any trouble. Rounds load easy all the way up to 10. No complaints. Simple easy construction.
I ordered two of these as my rifle only came with one and I wanted a couple of spares. One of them worked perfectly. The second one would only load 7 rounds and then jam up. I uncrimped the bottom plate and pulled out the spring and follower. The follower was poorly injection molded plastic (very rough) and the inside of the magazine was full of crusty rust. I sanded the follower smooth then cleaned parts both with some hoppes No.9. After crimping it back together, I added a drop of oil to keep rust at bay. I now have two functional magazines, even if one is a bit scratched up from prying the crimps open. If I have another one jam up, I'd be tempted to clean it out with some sort of spray solvent as I think most of the issue was the rust inside and I'd rather not disassemble one again. Uncrimping the bottom was doable, but a bit of a pain. Just really low quality on Savage's part. For about $20 each, you'd think they would be better. So yeah, these will work, just maybe not well. I guess it's better than not being able to buy them at all.
These work well and are factory parts but boy are they cheap, they have sharp edges and are difficult to use. I also don't expect much from savage brand parts. They are cheap but they do work.

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