Sale! Shiatsu Kneading Electric Massager Shawl For Neck/Shoulder/

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I also live in the Philippines where you can get professional Shiatsu massages for cheap, which are overpriced and probably almost impossible to find in America and this little thing is the closest you can get. Actually almost feels like human thumbs. Strong and suuuper relaxing. Love it! One of the best $40 bucks I spent in my life.
I come tired and aching all the time. I use this to relieve a lot of tension and tightening of the muscle. Great product! I even gave one to my sister who works 12 hour shift daily and she loves it.
A little underpowered (if I put a bit of pressure on it to really dig into the muscles the motor cuts off until I ease up) but for the price it works very well for me. If I had a lot of issues it might be worth paying for a stronger model, but for me this works well.

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