Sale! Skullcandy HESH ANC Wireless Over-Ear Headset (Certified Refurbished)-B

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I got these headphones because I wanted some noise canceling headphones to use at home or in the gym and I love these! I didnt have a big budget tp get something new, or even these new. The refurbished price was too good to pass up though. I have been using them daily now and have enjoyed every moment of it! Their active noise canceling featurebis so cool for someone who never had that before. I can vacuum or mow the lawn with these with minimal background noise, and I hear no background noise in the gym. These headphones cling to my head well. I dont normally use them with cardio, but weightlifting and walking they do not move around my head. The sround quality is great to me, but I am no audiophile. I always liked that skullcandy had good bass so thats why I went with this brand. The ambient mode that uses the mic to pick up noise around me and fees it through the headphones is really usefup if I need to listen to my surroundings while listening to my music. Overall I am super happy with these headphones!
Great headphone for the price. Feels good, sounds good, charges fast. Only change I would make is not having the "pair" button more prominent than "on/off" button. How often do you "pair" compared to turning unit on and off. I ordered another pair for the wife (noise cancel feature while flying).
Not much to say really about them. Turn them on and it starts off with noise canceling. The base is so deep I thought my room was shaking with the music. Since I got this refurbished and $100 of the base price, I find them a great pair of headphones. At full price it might be harder to justify the purchase. So how well goes the noise canceling hold up? Somewhat better than other low end models that do the same, because really it’s just noise reduction. It might not be the best fit for a grown adult as well, feeling a little tight on my head unless the band is pushed far back on my skull. Maybe that was just the design intention. What is a bit more unique is its ambiance mode i haven’t used. Apparently it’s the opposite of noise reduction where you can hear the world around as clearly as you can your music, which may have situational uses.

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