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Have had a hard time finding a PS5 in brand new condition for a reasonable price since the PS5 came out in Winter 2020, and I am finally getting to enjoy the next gen gaming experience on the amazing PS5. The graphics and processing speed really blow the PS4 out of the water. Really a must have for any avid playstation gamer.
This is perfect for a kid who typically scratches up discs and can't keep them in their respective cases. The form factor and size of the PS5 Digital could be a bit smaller as it barely fits in most entertainment centers. I'd hate to imagine what anyone is doing with the disc version as it is clearly thicker. The system itself is exactly what I'd expect from a next generation gaming system. Graphics, sound quality, bluetooth and wifi have all improved when stacked against its predecessor, the PS4. Graphics of course, are better due to it being next gen (this is visually impossible to miss). The fan on the PS5 is much quieter than the PS4. The bluetooth was clearly upgraded as I can now walk around my entire apartment with my wireless headset on without it dropping sound. The wireless network interface card on the PS5 now supports fiber speeds. When buying games, however, I see how clever it is now to sale newer PS5 versions of games bundled with a PS4 version and raising the price $10. I'd really prefer the option to choose instead of charging me $10 for an extra version of a game I am not going to play. In addition, shouldn't a digital game be cheaper than a disc version as no production cost for a physical disc exists? While we're on the hardware discussion of the device; why does this device only come with 1 TB of space when the most graphically intensive games are upwards of 90 gb (here's looking at you Call of Duty: Vanguard). Of course, I can purchase an internal m.2 ssd to expand the space (and it's VERY easy to install), but this creates yet another expense for me as a consumer simply because I decided to purchase a PS5. All-in-all, this is a device I would purchase again due to the hype and because my kid wanted it. If there was no hype, I'd've probably waited until there is a PS5 released with a larger, native ssd and the disc vs digital price point is under control.
This console is VERY powerful. Very easy to set up and the haptic feedback on the dualsense controller really feels next gen! The PS5 exclusives play very smooth (60 FPS with RT performance enabled). The only downside would be maybe the battery life on the dualsense controller, since the haptic feedback consumes a little more juice.

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