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Yes NAC works great for the flu & pneumonia season especially during this hardtime of fighting off COVID virus, I definitely recommend it for friends & family.. too fight free radicals of dealing with oxidative stress & producing more antioxidants for the body to have a strong immune system to fight viruses.. I figure any product would work.. rather it’s Swanson, piping rock, Puritan or Now.. alongs it doesn’t have any fillers in it..
I've had trichotillaomania for half of my life now. I been taking NAC for about two weeks now and I am already took about 25% of the NAC capsules out of 100. I have NOT pulled since taking it. But If I eat high sugar, urges are much stronger and harder to resist so I cut sugar out of my diet. I will keep ordering more NAC because I need to keep taking this for the rest of my life because NAC helps balance the brain excitatory impulses.
Awesome product, recommended for my son with autism, has helped him a lot. I'm also using it cause it boost your immune system.

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