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The game is fun. The combat is well adapted to using the control sticks rather than motion control, so there shouldn't be too many problems using portable mode. I played in portable mode for my entire playthrough and I don't feel like it impacted my experience negatively. The visuals are appealing and beautiful to look at. The 60 fps is particularly appreciated, to the point where I wish Nintendo would make it a priority for their new titles. My only real complaint is with the excessive hand holding. It's better than the original Wii version but I couldn't help but feel annoyed at how little the game trusted me to figure things out on own. Breath of the Wild was definitely an improvement on that front to say the least. Still, I don't regret my time playing it and would recommended it to fans of the franchise.
Nintendo decided to get greedy and hide a needed feature behind an amiibo for over $25 for starters. There is hardly any direction on where the character needs to go. One can easily get lost. It has been improved since the Wii release, however the game could be even more greatly improved for the price they're asking.
An all-round well done game! It was in 2011 and it is in 2021. The game that takes place at the beginning of the Zelda timeline and sets the world in motion! A game that I thought was underrated in the wii era (and one we never thought we’d see again) is finally back. And you can definitely tell it feels right at home with the updated technology! Not only that, but it looks gorgeous! I Would highly recommends this all-around great game!

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