Sale! WOW Shampoo and Conditioner Set – All Natural, Sulfate Free For Dandruff – 16.9

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The wow does a good job in cleaning the scalp of dead skin. Hair is left lighter and shinier from first wásh. Conditioner goes a long way so it doesn't take much. There's no hair fall out after each wash. Note: not all the ingredients are natural, but it's closer than most expensive shampoo's. Hair is light, shinny & wavey. I was using Hair La Vie before this & I cannot tell but one difference. My hair feels dried out some with Hair La Vie's shampoo, but it doesn't with WOW.
So I’ll start by saying the package it came in was great very well sealed up. I’ve used this shampoo for a little over a month and I was not impressed at all. I have dandruff and my hair was shedding quite a bit. Up to this point I had only been using t-gel on some days and regular shampoo and conditioner on others and that worked tremendously. I wanted to try something natural that would also stop the hair fall and chose this, as it explained it was also designed to help clear/ease dandruff. Although it did help with SOME of the hair fall, my scalp burned, itched, and flaked horribly. I tried using it only 2 times a week but that wasn’t enough it made my scalp feel worse, so I used it more often which in turn wasn’t a big improvement. It seemed to make my hair frizzier as well (I have big natural ringlets in my hair) and made it feel dry. I couldn’t even bare finishing the whole bottle because of the amount of dandruff and itching on my scalp. Would NOT buy again.
I purchased the set to begin a detox on my hair, and get it to grow longer. I like the product overall, but do feel as if my hair still gets oily very quickly. Within 24 hours of washing and conditioning, there are areas of my scalp that look very greasy. I am going to try using just the shampoo, or just the conditioner and experiment with it!

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